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The Bat! v8.3 64-bit repeatedly crashes., How to revert to The Bat! v8.2.4 64-bit
Virus scanner was F-secure now NOD32.
This was a couple years ago so may not be a problem now. Just something to double check
I am using Malwarebytes on every computer.  Some computers crash regularly with TB and other very rarely.  Can it really be the cause?
I have used Malwarebytes for years with no problems with TB!. Have you considered setting up an alternate email client, such as Thunderbird, to compare reliability. It would double the work for an individual, but you have spent a lot of time on this issue and I would like to see it resolved for you.

Sorry, I have so many emails that there is not enough room for two clients to run in the SSD.  This cannot be the solution...
I respect your situation is serious. You've had this problem for over a year. My recollection of your various posts is

- TB! Support is aware but cannot duplicate and fix the problem
- Your other PC software is too important to shut down to attempt isolating the problem
- You do not want to switch to another email client

That leaves you with one option: hoping TB! stops crashing.  

If a year from now, the problem still exists, will you wish you had made a decision now to switch email clients? Since TB! is a major part of how your business works, I see only two options:

a. Hire RItlabs to spend two days full time monitoring one of your PCs remotely to diagnose exactly what is happening. That is outside the normal support envelope for email clients and may cost several thousand dollars - but you've probably lost more than that in business interruptions in the past year. That may not fix the problem, but would at least confirm that is not fixable. And you could then move on confidently to another email client.

b. convert to an email client that can get professional support when needed, such as Microsoft Outlook, Office365, etc. Then, if there are critical business problems, there will more likely be a local professional to work on the issue.  

In summary, I believe your problem is far removed from whatever tips you might glean from this forum. Good luck,
Hi David,

I have already offered RitLabs several times to pay to fix this  All they do is write back and offer another "Beta" version (of the next general release) where they say they may have fixed the problme (as they say they have made many changes).

These have never worked.

I will ask them again.  I am happy to pay.

Have a great (crash free) holiday !!   :D

I feel your pain. My suggestion to do in parallel to asing again would be to:
1. assess what you use TB! for in addition to email, such as customer management, addressing, followups, etc. Anything other than receiving and sending mail I would suggest seeking a separate data management system to migrate to.

2. investigate the steps and costs to migrate to Office365/Outlook with professional support (I mention that, not because I'm office365-literate, but because a colleagure of mine uses Office365 and has a local computing company maintain her account for her.

3. review all office procedures that revolve around TB! for possible changes.

4. conduct a pilot on one PC to define all the migration steps.

5. contract with a local computing support company to do the migration in phases to prevent a full shut-down.

or similar steps. You've waited long enough and you and Ritlabs are too far apart to have confidence in resolving the issue. Just my thoughts.

Good luck all the best for the holidays.

Or, try some of the many suggestions made previously in this thread.
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
My The Bat crashed so often it was barely usable. Until I removed all connections to Google contacts in the address book. No more crashes whatsoever.
One food for thought that may be left field.

I had a workstation the would repeatedly crash just using browsers (email was OK). Did  the normal check and clean temp, no change. Did a ChkDsk OK, Disk Management OK, SMART did not report errors. Did the unthinkable, cloned the SSD drive to another via Clonezilla which reported errors! Had to clone via -rescue mode to another drive. Swapped the drive into the workstation. Now no more crashing, user is happy and had a coffee.

Not saying this is the cause, just something to try.
Hallo Guys,

I really appreciate all your suggestions above.  Sorry or being a bit slow in getting back to you.

The problem is still there and it looks like Ritlabs have stopped caring.  I just posted the following in their ticket system:

Any news?  This is getting beyond crazy!!  The bat is still crashing for half my users and this since over a year++

On my computer I just had a crash that cost me all emails from April to June...  A massive problem for me.

Oddly I lost emails in two accounts but not for identical time scales

I am now getting more worried about the future of the Bat than ever before.

Even the ritlabs web site has issues.  The links to "Whats new" "Upgrade Policy" etc are no longer working.
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