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GoDaddy tells me my version of The Bat! will not work after July 5 - Dropping IMAP and POP support
I've been using The Bat! for 20+ years, and am currently using Version 8.8.9

My email is hosted through GoDaddy, and I got an email from them saying, A service your email relies on to function will no longer be supported  by Microsoft after 07/05/2022. You'll still be able to access your email through your browser, but not from an email client, such as Outlook or Apple Mail — don't worry, none of your emails will be lost.  

It appears from looking at their website that Microsoft is dropping support for IMAP and POP as they don't think they are secure anymore, and will be using Exchange instead (not sure what that means, to be honest).  Here's a link to their support page about it.

My question is, can I still use The Bat! with the newer protocol?  If I upgraded to a later version, would it work?  Having used The Bat! for this many years, I really don't want to change.  Any help/info is appreciated.
I'm not a great expert on the topic of these modern authentication protocols, so somebody please correct me if I'm wrong. From what I can see the answer is, currently, no.

It is not the case that the IMAP and POP protocols are dropped, but rather authentication using passwords. To quote the linked page: "Microsoft 365 POP and IMAP settings will only work in clients that support modern authentication (clients that can use multi-factor authentication (MFA))". The current version of TB! supports several authentication protocols including OAUTH (2) used, for example, by GMail, but not MFA. To me this looks like a case for a high-priority feature request through the Support page, since in all probability many e-mail servers will be switching to MFA in the not-so-distant future, not just GoDaddy.
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