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How long does it take before Ritlabs replies to support requests?, I've only waited for 4 days...
...and am baffled to find out that The Bat! doesn't even support Japanese...
I don't know how long it generally takes Ritlabs to answer support requests, I've never had to wait longer than a day, but I've heard people vent complaints for never getting a response. But then you always hear the complaints and never when people don't encounter any problems as that is considered normal.

I don't know anything about TB and Japanese, but I have received properly displayed messages with oriental characters (spam).
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Thank you Roelof... I feared the worst and tried to solve the issue myself. I have opened a separate thread about this, as it seems I have found a solution.

It was not so much displaying Japanese as preventing the Japanese from becoming garbled after responding to Japanese messages....

Hopefully my separate thread will be useful for people with similar problems.  
hehe I have opened 2 tickets. One was a simple question:
Created: 09/22/2006 00:04:32
Closed: 10/25/2006 21:24:39

The other was to get a bugtracker login fixed:
Created: 11/29/2006
Modified: 12/13/2006 02:49:42

That one is still open, the last posted comment is that they would look at it over the (last) weekend. So far nothing

Keep in mind these are a lot less involved that your issue with Japanese characters. :D

I have yet to see the day or two support of which Roelof speaks
The Bat! version 7 supports Japanese very well.
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