The Bat!: Tips and Tricks

Connecting to MS Exchange Server via MAPI
The Bat! supports the MAPI protocol, which allows connecting to MS Exchange Servers for downloading and sending messages.

Summary view
You can set the summary view starting from The Bat! v6.2

Inbox Analyzer
Inbox Analyzer is a new mechanism that helps you to handle emails more efficiently. It analyzes the correspondence stored in the Inbox, divides messages into groups depending on its senders and date and offers you suitable actions. With the Inbox Analyzer you can sort messages to folders and create an efficient set of filters that will sort messages in future - from scratch and in no time at all.

The Bat! 4.1, or There and Back Again
This guide is written for the users whose license key works with The Bat! versions 3.x - 4.0.38, but does not work with the new versions starting with 4.1.

Everyone knows what the space bar is, but not everyone knows that it can jump from one unread message to the next unread one across folders and accounts. 

List of Macros
Macros are special commands used within message templates. They allow you to automatically generate text, set message parameters and add your signature to the message. Every macro is preceded by the percentage symbol %

Redirect Messages – fast and easy
The Bat!’s mechanism of redirecting messages is multifunctional and easy-to-use. In this article we’ll guide you through this mechanism and tell about similar features of the program.

The Bat! and QR code – how does it work?
Starting with version 5, The Bat! can generate and send QR codes; formats of QR codes can be: URLs, phone numbers, SMS, bookmarks, email addresses, email messages, business cards, geolocation data, WiFi access information and simple text without any attributes. If your mobile device has software that can receive and process these formats, QR code will be decoded correspondingly.

Google Contacts – export & import
The Bat! Address Book is a powerful and easy-to-use tool. It is extremely helpful while working with message templates, creating mailing lists, adjusting Address History, etc. Besides, in the Address Book you can find wide options of exporting and importing data. In this article we concentrate on linking The Bat! and Google Contacts.

Speed up your workflow with Virtual Folders
Virtual folders are designed to speed up your workflow, especially when you have more than one email account. They contain only messages meeting certain criteria that you define in the virtual Folder dialogue. Unlike normal folders Virtual Folders hold only references to the original message.

The Bat! Quick Templates
Quick Templates save your time by inserting text fragments prepared in advance into messages. If you deal with the same questions every day on a regular basis (e.g. email conference, technical support), you’ll find these templates very useful. Using them you can also attach files or business cards to messages and set up any parameters for outgoing mail.

Postponed sending - useful scheduling option
Ritlabs, SRL made The Bat! users happy by introducing postponed sending – a new useful feature that is meant to help in cases when the correspondence delivery must be delayed for a certain period of time. We have created a user guide in order to get our users acquainted with the new option.

Message Parking
Message parking is designed to prevent accidental deletion of a valuable message. When a message is parked, you will not be able to move it to another folder, nor will it be deleted or automatically purged. It is also impossible to delete a folder that contains one or more parked messages, or contains a sub-folder which contains a parked message.

Menu Navigator
Menu Navigator is one of The Bat!'s many powerful features that allows you to travel to a required menu item, even though you have forgotten where it is!

The Bat! Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts (hot keys) are combinations of keys that allow fast access to those menu functions you use more often and make it easier to navigate through the interface.

Folder Tabs
Folder tabs are designed for a faster access to certain folders in the account/folder tree.

Address Book - 5 ways of adding contacts
Address Book contains your contact list. You can group them in order to classify or to use them for mailing lists (by sending messages to every contact of a group).

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