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05.02.2015 Security and speed boost in the 64-bit version of The Bat!
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, February 5th, 2015 – Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! v6.7.20 and now offers a 64-bit version of the program as well. From now on users can install either the 32-bit or the 64-bit version of The Bat! Email Client depending on the bitness of their operating system.

22.10.2014 The Bat! new features continue application’s evolution as a premium email client
Ritlabs SRL has released a new version of their secure email client, The Bat!, introducing new features and a more user-friendly interface. The upgrades make The Bat! more convenient and secure, and easier to use and navigate.

29.08.2014 The Bat! secure email client announces new version for Windows touch screen devices
Ritlabs, SRL announces their release of secure email client The Bat! version 6.6 to support Windows Touch technology on desktops, laptops, hybrid devices, and Windows 8 tablets.

24.04.2014 The Bat! v6.4 email client adds advanced tools for managing RSS-feeds
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova – With the newest version of its popular email client The Bat!, Ritlabs, SRL turns its email client into a customizable personal information center.

20.12.2013 New security standards: The Bat! 6.1
Chisinau, 19.12.2013 – In the times of email tracking and espionage scandals a secure email program is especially important. The Bat! is a professional alternative to the other email clients on the market. It is true that the developers of The Bat! have always prioritized the safety of emails and personal data against malware and theft. Therefore, a number of email traffic encryption protocols and the encryption of the local message base files have been implemented in the program.

14.11.2013 The email client by Ritlabs, SRL comes back with new features!
Chisinau, 14.11.2013 – today Ritlabs, SRL releases the version 6.0 of the email client The Bat! that is well-known for its security and functionality for a long time already.

20.04.2012 The Bat! 5.1 - handier than ever
New version of The Bat! email program is launched by Ritlabs, SRL. The most important new features of The Bat! 5.1 are Inbox Analyzer, image download manager, message tags, hints, external HTML viewing module and Multi-SMTP option. These and other improvements of The Bat! 5.1 are described below.

06.04.2011 The Bat! 5 – 5/5 stars program!
Ritlabs, SRL announces the launch of a new version of The Bat! email client.
In The Bat! v5 we have completely reworked the program's intercommunication mechanisms. That was an important step forward as it permitted to significantly improve the access to mail via the IMAP-protocol, implement new search capabilities and display the relevant processes. These changes made the program more stable and secure. In what follows, we present some of this bunch of new functions.

15.02.2010 BatPost 3.0: ideal mail server – at your service!
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, 15.2.2010 – Ritlabs, SRL, developer of the popular email client The Bat!, today announces BatPost 3.0. BatPost is an easy-to-customize mail server for corporate and individual users. Its usability and maintainability have already become its trademark. BatPost server is a perfect solution for providing company’s employees with corporate email addresses and setting up internal message exchange system.

29.12.2009 The Bat! 4.2.16 Christmas Edition – one more gift
A few days ago Ritlabs, SRL has launched The Bat! Voyager Christmas Release. It was a pleasure for developers to act in Santa's role and they wanted to continue it; as a result, Ritlabs, SRL users now can benefit of another Christmas present – The Bat! 4.2.16.

17.11.2009 Ritlabs, SRL launches The Bat! 4.2.12
Since the previous version came out, developers have added some new features and have made some improvements to the program. The main highlight of The Bat! 4.2.12 is the Menu Navigator and better work with antivirus applications.

26.08.2009 Ritlabs, SRL is Ready to Offer Security and Manageability Benefits For Windows 7
Ritlabs, SRL today announced a new version of its popular email program, The Bat!. Ritlabs, SRL has created The Bat! 4.2.10, which is compatible with Windows 7,, providing the best security, manageability and productivity experience for its users.

08.06.2009 Ritlabs, SRL launches The Bat! 4.2
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, 8th June 2009 – Ritlabs, SRL, the makers of popular email client The Bat!, today announced the release of version 4.2. Principal among its new features is the ability for users to schedule when and how emails should be sent.

22.12.2008 Merry Christmas and a Happy New version!
HTML message templates and file system enhancements among the improvements in The Bat! 4.1 The most important enhancement in The Bat! 4.1 is the HTML templates creation option. In the new version creating HTML messages is much easier – in addition to plain text, The Bat! templates can handle the full range of formatting, pictures, background images, tables and other HTML message attributes.

20.06.2008 Legally valid mail dispatch receipts – BatPost 2.22 innovation
In many countries there are laws that give an electronic digital signature the same status as a handwritten signature, and a digitally signed document is equivalent to a manually signed document. Using the new feature of BatPost, senders can get mail dispatch receipts that have legal recognition. This new option is based on the technologies currently required and used in government applications.

19.03.2008 The Bat! Voyager – 4th version
Following the release of The Bat! 4.0, Ritlabs, SRL brings to users’ attention The Bat! Voyager 4.0 – portable variant of the new version of The Bat!

07.02.2008 The Bat! 4.0 – new level
Ritlabs, SRL brings to users' notice that the newest version of The Bat! e-mail processing system is to be presented to the general public on February 7.

11.10.2007 The Bat! 4.0 – e-communication at its best
Ritlabs, SRL brings to users’ notice that the newest version of The Bat! e-communication program is to be presented to the general public at the earliest possible date.

14.09.2007 The Bat! 3.99.24 – final preparations for 4.0
Ritlabs, SRL today announced that it released The Bat! 3.99.24, a new version of its well-known mail client.

31.07.2007 Ritlabs, SRL was declared a Microsoft Certified Partner
Recently we received a notification about the fact that our company is now officially certified as a Microsoft Partner. A certifying document to confirm this recognition was sent to our office. Signed by two Microsoft Corporation officers – Steven Ballmer, Chief Executive Officer, and Allison Watson, Corporate Vice President Worldwide Partner Group, this certificate officially makes our company a Microsoft Certified Partner.

08.06.2007 The Bat! email client in Amnesty International Slovakia office
Ritlabs, SRL is proud to communicate that The Bat! email client is now involved in Amnesty International activity. Recently Slovakia office of this organization solicited our program and now they benefit of its assistance in their daily work.

14.02.2007 Ritlabs, SRL announces The Bat! for Windows Vista
The Bat! Professional is an email client that combines all the features that an advanced user may require. Intuitive design helps The Bat! users freely navigate it right after installing. The Bat! benefits from Windows Vista's Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) and Data Execution Prevention (DEP) for protecting the computer from viruses and malicious codes spread via email.

26.09.2006 Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! Private Disk 2.09 – Top-Rated Disk Encryption Software to Provide Proactive Data Protection
Ritlabs, SRL, a developer of trusted IT security software, releases version 2.09 of its top-rated disk encryption software, The Bat! Private Disk. Private Disk is logical, intuitive and easy to use; it effectively protects confidential information on Windows PCs and USB storage devices by creating virtual encrypted disks

14.08.2006 Business Travelers Protect Email and Critical Files on the Road with The Bat! Voyager PRO
Smart road warriors have a new weapon to protect sensitive client data and guard against malicious virus attacks while retrieving email on the road. The Bat! Voyager PRO from Ritlabs, SRL combines The Bat! portable email client with powerful encryption software and a unique Disk Firewall feature, all pre-loaded onto a convenient 256MB flash drive.

10.07.2006 Protect Your Email and All of Your Files When You Travel
Ritlabs, SRL has released The Bat! Voyager PRO, a secure version of its popular Windows email client software that protects your email, and all of your critical files, when you're on the road. The email software is pre-loaded onto a 256Mb secure flash drive. The unique Disk Firewall Feature from Dekart adds extra protection, ensuring that your data can't be accessed by either human intruders or virus attacks.

05.01.2006 The Bat! Voyager lets you take your Email on the road
Ritlabs, SRL has released The Bat! Voyager, a new version of its popular Windows email client software that makes it easy to securely access and send emails when you're away from home or office. Simply load The Bat! Voyager onto a tiny, inexpensive flash drive that you can carry on your key chain, and you'll be able to process your emails from your hotel room, from clients' offices, or from anywhere with a computer and an Internet connection.

18.11.2005 Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! Private Disk v2.06
New The Bat! Private Disk supports Windows 2003 Server and allows working with the program when logged as “Guest” at the computer.

05.01.2005 Data Encryption Software Prolongs the Life of your Flash Disk
Ritlabs, SRL, publisher of the popular email client The Bat!, has released The Bat! Private Disk v. 2.0, a powerful, reliable and easy-to-use Windows disk encryption program that transparently encrypts and protects your critical business and financial data. Designed for business people who need to travel with critical financial data on their flash drives or other removable media, The Bat! Private Disk writes data to your flash drive, without wearing it out.

01.09.2004 The Bat! 3.0
Ritlabs, SRL has released version 3 of its popular "The Bat!" email client software for Windows on September 1, 2004.

17.10.2003 Ritlabs, SRL wins "Exporter of The Year" Award
Marian Lupu, the minister of economy of the Republic of Moldova has honored Ritlabs, SRL with "The Exporter of The Year" award. This is the yearly prize established by the Moldavian Export Promotion Organization (MEPO), given annually to the most prominent exporter in Moldova for the volume of export and level of innovation of exported products and services.

23.09.2003 Ritlabs, SRL and Dekart bring e-mail client/server suite with biometric authentication
Ritlabs, SRL and Dekart today announce SecureBat! and BatPost version 2, a secure e-mail client/server suite for Windows that utilizes multi-factor authentication.

01.09.2003 Ritlabs, SRL releases version 2.0 of The Bat!
Ritlabs, SRL releases version 2.0 of "The Bat!", which now includes a brand new HTML editor, full IMAP4 support, Anti-spam improvements, build-in scheduler and reminder, and a lot of other improvements.

11.06.2002 Ritlabs, SRL The Bat! 1.6 offers major new feature set
Version 1.6 of Ritlabs, SRL popular 'The Bat!' email client software for Windows is available right now. It is jam-packed with new and improved features. New things like anti-virus plug-ins, a brand new HTML rendering engine, TLS (SSL) and MSN (NTLM) support, a wider range of international character set support and a whole range of usability and functionality improvements.

08.05.2001 E-mail with Iron-Clad Security
Ritlabs, SRL has released AuthenticBat! and SecureBat!, Windows e-mail clients that take all of the security worries out of communicating over the Internet.

Ritlabs, SRL Software has released the next version of The Bat! 1.4, a powerful email client for Windows 98/NT that lets users work with multiple email accounts simultaneously.

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