05.08.2015 The Bat! v7: Keep your address book in touch with your smartphone
Ritlabs, SRL releases version 7.0 of The Bat! email client. This version introduces the new mail protocol to connect to Exchange Servers directly and the new feature to keep the address book contacts updated.

01.07.2015 Improvements in Quick Template editor and Scheduler in The Bat! v6.8.8
Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! v6.8.8 which includes fixes to the Quick Search in the Quick Template editor and Scheduler.

15.06.2015 Improved multi-core processor handling in The Bat! v6.8.4
Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! v6.8.4. The new version offers issue fixes and an improvement to the copying/moving procedure.

11.05.2015 Account Color Groups and improvements for RSS Feeds in The Bat! v6.8.2
Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! v6.8.2. In the new version of the email program you can assign color groups to accounts and set up incoming filters for RSS Feeds.

08.05.2015 Ritlabs, SRL starts selling licenses for The Bat! version 7
Ritlabs, SRL starts selling licenses for The Bat! version 7 On May 9, 2015.

21.04.2015 Update: thebat.net email accounts closing down on May 19, 2015
We have notified you earlier that Google will close your thebat.net account on April 19, 2015, but Google have informed us that your thebat.net account will be closed on May 19, 2015.

31.03.2015 Better handling of 64-bit plugins in The Bat! v6.8
Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! v6.8. This version contains issue fixes and general stability improvements.

16.03.2015 Important information about thebat.net email accounts
Ritlabs, SRL has been notified by Google that email hosting services for thebat.net is being phased out. This decision is part of a change in Google’s business model that has affected thebat.net and many other internet service providing companies as well.

26.02.2015 New emoticons set and further improvements
Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! v6.7.36. The new version includes a new set of emoticons and issue fixes.

05.02.2015 Security and speed boost in the 64-bit version of The Bat!
The 64-bit version of The Bat! has been released to the public, as part of The Bat! v6.7.20. The 64-bit version of The Bat! offers many benefits for speed, stability and security. In terms of performance, it is 5% faster than the 32-bit version in a 64-bit operating system.

30.01.2015 Ritlabs, SRL wins a silver medal at the “Trademark of the year – 2014” contest
Ritlabs is proud to announce that its trademark “The Bat!” has been awarded a silver medal at the “Trademark of the year – 2014” contest for the "Export" category. The competition is held annually by the Chamber of Commerce and the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova.

23.12.2014 The Bat! v6.7.5 Christmas Edition
Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! v6.7.5 Christmas Edition which includes several feature improvements and a number of important fixes. You can always access the "What’s new" page of the website to see the entire list of changes and improvements. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

22.10.2014 The Bat! new features continue application’s evolution as a premium email client
Ritlabs, SRL has released a new version of their secure email client, The Bat!, introducing new features, a more user-friendly interface, and AutoCharset for Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters at an optimal level. The upgrades make The Bat! more convenient and secure, and easier to use and navigate, particularly for international use.

29.08.2014 The Bat! on touch screen
The new version of the secure email client The Bat! 6.6 supports Windows Touch technology on desktops and laptops with touch screen as well as hybrid devices and Windows 8 tablets. This will enable The Bat! users to be more productive with email correspondence, using a broader range of devices.

29.07.2014 An influential German magazine praises The Bat! for its focus on security
German computer magazine c’t (Magazin fur Computertechnik) has published an article on the email programs. The Bat! got a good evaluation. The magazine named diversity of the configuration options, easy email handling, task scheduling features, RSS reader, confidentiality of correspondence and safety among the strongest sides of the program.

17.05.2014 The pFragments Microsoft Office exploit does not affect The Bat! users
It exploits a stack-based buffer overflow in the handling of the 'pFragments' shape property within the Microsoft Word RTF parser. The Bat! users should not be worried, as the program is invulnerable to the recently reported pFragments Microsoft Office exploit. The Bat! uses its own component to handle RTF messages.

01.05.2014 Proprietary HTML viewer makes The Bat! invulnerable to expoit that targets Internet Explorer
The Bat! is not vulnerable to the new zero-day flaw of the Internet Explorer browser which attackers use to gain control of a targeted system.

24.04.2014 Address Space Layout Optimization adds extra safety for The Bat! version 6.4
Ritlabs, SRL presents a regular update of The Bat! email program with further improvements and fixes.

08.04.2014 The Bat! is not vulnerable to the Heartbleed (RFC6520) bug in TLS
The Bat! is not vulnerable to the Heartbleed Bug in TLS implementations, recently discovered in the OpenSSL library and products based on OpenSSL.

26.03.2014 Save your time with RSS feed subscriptions in The Bat! v6.3.2
The major update of this version is the internal implementation of the RSS feed subscriptions. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a technology that allows fetching news published on web-sites, blogs or forums. RSS feeds keep you in touch with the latest events and increase the efficiency of your work.

02.01.2014 Portable version The Bat! Voyager v6.2.2 with Unicode and IDN support
A new version of The Bat! Voyager, the portable email client, has been released. The latest version of Voyager includes all the new features and improvements of the The Bat!

31.12.2013 Summary view in The Bat! v6.2
We present an updated version of our email client The Bat! v6.2 which introduces the summary view.

25.12.2013 The Bat! v6.1.8 – specially for Christmas
In respect of the good tradition at Ritlabs, SRL we have released The Bat! Christmas Edition today. This version is aimed at increasing the program’s stability and comes with a Christmas splash-screen.

24.12.2013 Ritlabs, SRL has been awarded the "Conscientious Taxpayer" title
Ritlabs, SRL has been awarded the title "Conscientious Taxpayer" according to the results of the selection organized by the Сhief State Tax Service of the Republic of Moldova. The ceremony of awarding the Cup and the "Certificate of Trust" was held on December 24, 2013.

19.12.2013 New secure protocols in The Bat! v6.1
The new The Bat! v6.1 comes with major improvements regarding the support of the cryptographic protocols. Previous versions of the program supported TLS 1.0 only, however we also implemented SSL 3.0 - an older version of the protocol to comply with the outdated mail servers. We also added the support of TLS 1.1 - a newer version of the protocol to enhance the security of messages in transit.

14.11.2013 The Bat! 6.0 with Unicode and IDN support
Ritlabs, SRL presents the new version of the email client – The Bat! 6.0. The Bat! 6.0 is the first version in v6.xx series. The developers have introduced important new features.

28.10.2013 Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! v5.8.8
Ritlabs, SRL presents the new version The Bat! 5.8.8 with further improvements and fixes.

17.10.2013 Starting with the version 6.0 The Bat! supports IDN
IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) are the domain names that contain national alphabet characters. The names composed from the characters of the non-latin alphabets, such as Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Greek, etc., as well as the Latin alphabet-based characters with diacritics, such as French, German etc. are related to such domain names.

27.09.2013 Ritlabs, SRL presents the new version The Bat! v5.8.2
In this version the improvements related to image printing via Ctrl+P, case inverting, reply counter "AW:", the key AltGr for Hungarian and German keyboard layouts and search function in cookies have benn made. Besides this, the new function Lock toolbar has been introduced.

28.05.2013 Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! v5.4 – regular update
The new version contains two minor issue fixes.

21.05.2013 Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! v5.3.10
Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! v5.3.10 with further improvements among which are the message tags handling, Hunspell engine and speller dictionaries, additional built-in server settings, updated root CA certificates and a handful of issue fixes.

11.02.2013 Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! v5.3.8
Ritlabs, SRL brings to your attention a new The Bat! v5.3.8, a regular update. In this version we returned to the original splash screen after the winter holidays, improved the existing features and fixed a number of issues.

15.01.2013 Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! Voyager v5.3.6.1
We present a new version of The Bat! Voyager, the portable email client. All the new features and improvements of the The Bat! are also available in the latest version of Voyager.

24.12.2012 Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! Christmas Edition v5.3.6
On the Christmas eve our company releases a new The Bat! version with further improvements. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

05.12.2012 Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! v5.3.4
Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! v5.3.4, a regular update. In the new version we have implemented the Quick reply feature, so that now there is no need in opening a separate editor window to compose and then send a reply.

27.09.2012 The Bat! 5.2.2 – regular update
Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! v5.2.2, a regular update. The highlights of the new version are the support of the iecm:// protocol, recipient's photo display in the "Outbox" and "Sent" folders. Further on we have made minor changes in the user interface and fixed some issues.

23.08.2012 The Bat! 5.2 - update
Ritlabs, SRL brings you The Bat! 5.2, a regular update of the program. In this version we’ve added some new features, fixed some bugs that appeared in v5.1 and improved several existing program mechanisms.

02.07.2012 The Bat! Voyager – new version
We present a new version of The Bat! Voyager portable email client.

20.04.2012 The Bat! 5.1 - handier than ever
New version of The Bat! email program is launched by Ritlabs, SRL. The most important new features of The Bat! 5.1 are Inbox Analyzer, image download manager, message tags, hints, external HTML viewing module and Multi-SMTP option. These and other improvements of The Bat! 5.1 are described below.

14.03.2012 The Bat! on FindMySoft – quick look video and review
On FindMySoft there is a quick look video of The Bat! that could be helpful to our new users. Besides, there is also a review of the program on that site. We're thankful to Jerome Johnston, the author of both materials, for being interested in The Bat!

02.03.2012 The Bat! 5.0.36 – regular update
With the first days of March, RITLabs brings you The Bat! 5.0.36, a regular update of the program. In this version several issues were redesigned, some bugs were fixed.

29.01.2012 The Bat! v5.0.34 - regular update
Compared with the previous version there are several changes in the new The Bat! v5.0.34 including minor changes in the interface.

26.01.2012 The Bat! Voyager - an update of the portable e-mail client
After releasing The Bat! v5.0.32 now presents RITLabs The Bat! Voyager v5.0.32.1 - the portable version of the new The Bat!

09.01.2012 The Bat! 5.0.32 – regular update
Even right after the Christmas holidays, RITLabs is working as usual, delivering The Bat! 5.0.32, a regular update of the program. In this version several bugs were fixed.

03.01.2012 The Bat! Voyager - new version
We present a new version of The Bat! Voyager portable email client. Previous version was issued almost half a year ago, that's why the improvements list is not a short one.

27.12.2011 The Bat! 5.0.30 Winter Edition - holiday present from RITLabs
It has become a good tradition for us to create a special version of our email program in the end of every year. Year 2011 is not an exception: The Bat! 5.0.30 Winter Edition is ready – and its time has come.

12.12.2011 The Bat!: Tips and Tricks
RITLabs brings to your attention an improved and renewed section of the website dedicated to The Bat! features.

10.10.2011 The Bat! 5.0.24 – regular update
Our developers have fixed several issues that were brought to our attention in v5.0.20.

03.08.2011 Apple iOS bug with Basic Constraints does not affect The Bat! users
Apple has recently discovered a bug in its iOS platform that failed to verify the origin of a digital certificate, "Basic Constraints." This flaw can potentially lead to interception of TLS/SSL connections.

27.07.2011 The Bat! - improvement continues
In this new version the developers introduced some new features and fixed several issues. Remote Access connections and IMAP command priority have been resolved.

18.07.2011 The Bat! Voyager update
We are happy to release a new version of The Bat! Voyager portable email client. There are several improvements and fixes compared to the previous edition.

01.07.2011 The Bat! 5.0.18 — regular update
The developers have fixed some issues that arose in v5.0.16.

27.06.2011 The Bat! 5.0.16 – regular update
We have updated a couple of things from v5.0.14.

21.06.2011 The Bat! 5.0.14 – regular update
In the process of development of this version we continued resolving of the issues that came to our attention in The Bat! v5.0.8. Most changes brought into The Bat! update are meant to deal with these problems. However, we have also added a series of new features – it is now possible to set CC and BCC fields when redirecting messages, "Message | Edit as New" action added etc.

04.05.2011 The Bat! 5.0.12 – regular update
In the new version we resolved some of issues that came up in The Bat! v5.0.8. Various features of the program were fixed.

08.04.2011 The Bat! 5 – recommendations for installing and upgrading the program
While developing the new version of The Bat!, we have significantly modified the source code. We would recommend that you create a backup before installing or upgrading the program!

06.04.2011 The Bat! 5 – 5/5 stars program!
RITLabs announces the launch of a new version of The Bat! email client.
In The Bat! v5 we have completely reworked the intercommunication engine. This is an important step as it allowed us to significantly improve access to email via the IMAP-protocol, to implement new search capabilities, and to display the relevant processes. These changes made the program more stable and secure.

06.04.2011 RITLabs announces the launch of The Bat! v5
Our upgrade policy remains the same – all users of 4.1 and further versions can upgrade to version 5.0 free of charge without updating their license keys. Version 4.x.x license key will be valid for version 5.0.x. Previous versions of the program can be upgraded to The Bat! v5 with a 30% discount on our website –www.ritlabs.com– or via our official dealers.

08.02.2011 The Bat! is completely safe, according to FileCluster
The Bat! Professional Edition has been downloaded and scanned by FileCluster on Feb 1, 2011 with a 4-in-1 antivirus security solution, composed by: BitDefender Antivirus Pro, NOD32, Avira Antivirus and Kaspersky Antivirus.

23.12.2010 The Bat! 5.0 – upgrade policy
We are happy to inform our users that starting December, 23, 2010 you can pre-purchase license keys for version 5.x.x. Users that purchase licenses after December, 23, will receive keys that work with versions 4.x.x, 5.x.x and 6.0.

22.12.2010 The Bat! 4.2.40 – Christmas gift
All of us at RITLabs want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We thought that words alone would not be enough. So, we have a special gift for our users The Bat! 4.2.42. This version will be the last 4.x.xx version; we plan to issue The Bat! 5.0 in the near future. We know that you will love this upcoming version as much as we do. Please review our upgrade policy to see if you qualify for any specials or promotions.

18.10.2010 The Bat! was granted with a 5/5 Stars Rating and "5 stars award" by Soft32Download
RITLabs is pleased to announce that The Bat! v4.2.36.4 Home Edition has undergone rigorous testing by Soft32Download Evaluation Team and has been found to be a "high quality software product." The testers were impressed by the clean design of our program. They awarded The Bat! with a 5/5 Stars Rating and "5 stars award". We have worked hard to ensure that our product is the best it can be, and now it is official. The Bat! has been placed in the "Premium Software" category by the evaluation team.

30.09.2010 The Bat! was selected by CHIP Online
We are pleased to inform you that German portal CHIP Online has included The Bat! 4.2.36 as part of its software distribution to its customers.

26.07.2010 The Bat! Voyager is highly appreciated by Dutch c't magazine
A Dutch version of the renowned German c't magazine published a short review of The Bat! Voyager. We don’t speak any Dutch, but it wasn’t hard to realize that the article’s title – “Vleermuis” – stands for “Bat”. And here’s a rough translation of the article’s subheading: “The Bat! Voyager is a mail client which offers more than most of the others”.

08.06.2010 The Bat! is highly rated by c't magazine
A popular German computer magazine, c't, praised The Bat! Email Client.

18.05.2010 Integer overflow – yet another Microsoft vulnerability
Recently there have been numerous reports about a new vulnerability in Microsoft email products, which is caused by erroneous processing of POP3 server responses. This vulnerability allows the executing of unauthenticated remote code on the target system.

13.05.2010 The Bat! Voyager – regular update
RITLabs announces an update for The Bat! Voyager. The main improvement of the new version is a significantly faster message retrieval via POP3 servers.

21.04.2010 The Bat! – regular update
RITLabs brings to users’ attention an update for The Bat!. In this new version we revamped the way SOCKS proxy works with TLS connections.

09.04.2010 RITLabs recommends installing The Bat! Voyager only on portable devices with NTFS file system
The Bat! Voyager is a portable version of The Bat! mail client. This program works from a portable device (USB flash drive, external hard disk, etc.), not leaving any traces on computers. The Bat! Voyager is very handy for users that work on several computers and want to secure confidentiality and to protect their private information.

08.04.2010 The Bat! 4.2.33 – improved speed of POP3 message retrieving
We are pleased to release our regularly-scheduled update to our email client The Bat! We have worked hard to bring you numerous improvements and fixes in this new version. However, one feature that you will notice right off the Bat is a significantly faster retrieval of messages via POP3 servers.

15.02.2010 BatPost 3.0: ideal mail server – at your service!
BatPost is an easy-to-customize mail server for corporate and individual users. Its usability and maintainability have already made a name for it. BatPost Server is an ideal solution for providing corporate email solutions and setting up an internal message exchange system.

04.02.2010 A friend you know is worth more than Thunderbird 2
RITLabs had proven its value and reputation once again. Our email client The Bat! was rated "The Best Email Client of 2009" by the Russian edition of PC World (Mir PK), a world-renowned IT publication.

01.02.2010 The Bat! Voyager 4.2.25 – much faster retrieval of large-sized messages
Christmas holidays are over. We've changed our Christmas splash screen for a standard one, but still continue our series of gifts. In the new version of our portable program The Bat! Voyager, users will get an improvement in large-size message download speed and some other innovations.

26.01.2010 The Bat! 4.2.23 – improved folder handling speed
Early 2010 for RITLabs is rich in innovations. Freshly launched The Bat! 4.2.23 brings quite a number of improvements and fixes.

18.01.2010 The Bat! users: safe from yet another Outlook vulnerability
New reports on Microsoft Outlook vulnerability came on January, 15. BitDefender reports the unsolicited message directs users to apply a new set of settings to their mailboxes to update several ‘security upgrades’ that have been applied. The link in the email leads towards a Web page with Microsoft Office logos and instructs users to download and launch an executable file that will supposedly update their email settings.

29.12.2009 The Bat! 4.2.16 Christmas Edition – one more gift
A few days ago RITLabs team has launched The Bat! Voyager Christmas Release. It was a pleasure for developers to act in Santa's role and they wanted to continue it; as a result, RITLabs users now can benefit of another Christmas present – The Bat! 4.2.16.

23.12.2009 The Bat! Voyager 4.2.14 Christmas Release
On the threshold of the winter holidays, RITLabs team makes its users a present – The Bat! Voyager 4.2.14, a portable variant of the most recent version of The Bat!. Major novelties are – compatibility with Windows 7, Menu Navigator and better work with antivirus applications.

17.11.2009 RITLabs launches The Bat! 4.2.12
Since the previous version came out, developers have added some new features and have made some improvements to the program. The main highlight of The Bat! 4.2.12 is the Menu Navigator and better work with antivirus applications.

26.08.2009 The Bat! v4.2.10 is Compatible with Windows 7
The Bat! v4.2.10 has been tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be Compatible with Windows® 7.

28.07.2009 The Bat! Voyager 4.2.9 – major improvements
Following the release of The Bat! 4.1, RITLabs brings to users’ attention The Bat! Voyager 4.2.9, a portable variant of the new version of The Bat!.

23.07.2009 The Bat! 4.2.9 – major improvements
RITLabs draws users' attention to the new version of The Bat! email program. This version has a series of major improvements described below.

20.07.2009 A Bat Delayed, Filtered, and Still Not Shaken
Bill Blinn, our devoted user, wrote an article about The Bat!'s new version. We liked it a lot and want you to have a look at it. Here are some extracts from Bill's article.

08.06.2009 The Bat! 4.2 – wide range of new scheduling options
RITLabs today announced the release of version 4.2. Principal among its new features is the ability for users to schedule when and how emails should be sent.

14.04.2009 ArtelPlus release TheBat! Sync v.2.4 for Windows Mobile
TheBat! Sync is a special synchronization module (conduit) that synchronizes TheBat! address book and contacts of a Windows Mobile device.

14.04.2009 Work with STOPzilla – precautionary measures
STOPzilla is one of the numerous anti-spyware programs. Not doubting its functionality, we would like to warn The Bat! users about some problems that can appear while working with STOPzilla.

22.01.2009 The Bat! 4.1.11 – regular update
Recently we have made an update of The Bat!, version 4.1.11. Several bugs were fixed, some new features were added.

06.01.2009 The Bat! Voyager 4.1 – new opportunities
Following the release of The Bat! 4.1, RITLabs brings to users’ attention The Bat! Voyager 4.1, a portable variant of the new version of The Bat!.

23.12.2008 The Bat! 4.1, or There and Back Again
In the new version of The Bat! we introduced a new message base indexes format. This innovation permitted to remove the limit for the message folder volume and to realize multiple message flags.

22.12.2008 The Bat! 4.1 upgrade policy
Users with The Bat! v.4.0 licence, as well as The Bat! v.3 users that purchased the program after November, 20, 2007, can use their existing licence keys with no additional payments or updates.

22.12.2008 Merry Christmas and a Happy New version!
On the threshold of the winter holidays RITLabs announces the launch of the new version of The Bat! software. The Bat! 4.1 has a series of new useful features and improvements of the functions that are already familiar. The most important enhancement in The Bat! 4.1 is the HTML templates creation option. In the new version creating HTML messages is much easier – in addition to plain text, The Bat! templates can handle the full range of formatting, pictures, background images, tables and other HTML message attributes.

21.11.2008 The Bat! 4.0.38
RITLabs draws users' attention to The Bat! update, v.4.0.38. This is a technical update, the version does not contain new options or functional novelties. There are only two improvements compared to v.4.0.34, but in this case quality prevails over quantity.

08.09.2008 The Bat! 4.0.34
In the new version a modern tab control was implemented. It uses space effectively and has a "close" button on the selected tab. If one tab or another is not needed anymore, users can just click this button and get rid of that tab.

25.08.2008 A Farewell to Trial-and-Error Method
New version of The Bat! email program has Quick Templates preview option. Quick Templates help you save your working time by inserting specially prepared text fragments. If you are duty bound to answer similar questions or send out stereotyped letters, then you'll highly appreciate this instrument.

22.08.2008 New possibilities of the Quick Templates
In The Bat! 4.0.28 we significantly enhanced the work with Quick Templates. The major improvement is the option of previewing the result of the template's work. Let's concentrate on this particular innovation. In order to see what letter is generated as a result of applying one quick template or another, in previous versions you needed to create such letter using the template and to compare it with your expectations.

21.08.2008 New Microsoft vulnerabilities do not affect The Bat!
Recently Microsoft announced about new vulnerabilities of its applications. The first one was found in Microsoft Office, the other – in Outlook Express and Windows Mail.

15.08.2008 The Bat! 4.0.28 – innovations in detail
RITLabs presents The Bat! 4.0.28, regular update of its The Bat! email program. The major improvements of the new version refer to Quick Templates and to Mozilla Thunderbird messages import option. Other features of the program were also upgraded.

11.07.2008 Flash of inspiration
I love email. The pleasure of receiving emails is matched by the pleasure of writing them. An email from a friend, providing happy reading and giving me the opportunity of drafting a carefully crafted reply, makes my day.

20.06.2008 Legally valid mail dispatch receipts – BatPost 2.22 innovation
In many countries there are laws that give an electronic digital signature the same status as a handwritten signature, and a digitally signed document is equivalent to a manually signed document. Using the new feature of BatPost, senders can get mail dispatch receipts that have legal recognition.

27.05.2008 Jobs at Ritlabs
Ritlabs is seeking software engineers experienced in programming graphical user interface controls using Win32 API, to help us to develop The Bat! and the new software products.

06.05.2008 Why "The Bat!"?
Our users keep asking us why from the diversity of the fauna we chose the bat as our product’s name and symbol.

23.04.2008 The Bat! 4.0.24 – at your service
RITLabs announces the release of the new The Bat! update – v.4.0.24. In the new version developers made a series of improvements. Let us now present the most significant innovations.

14.04.2008 What is TheBat.net?
TheBat.net – is a joint service from Ritlabs, SRL and Google. Now every user of The Bat! v4.xx versions is able to benefit of all the advantages of GMail service under TheBat.net domain name. The Bat! users can process their emails using mobile platforms, get reliable anti-spam and anti-virus protection, integrated search engine, chat and total synchronization of the two versions – mobile and classic.

08.04.2008 Submission forms - a convenient mechanism for protected data transfer
We added some useful information in the Tips section of our website. It concerns submission forms, an instrument that helps in carrying out protected data transmission between many computers using The Bat!.

31.03.2008 Batting one's emails
Adrian Morant, one of the ARP Webbers Newsletter authors, wrote a short review of The Bat!. ARP Webbers positions itself as “an internet and computing newsletter for active retired people”, so it’s a great honour for us to be reviewed in it.

24.03.2008 The Bat! v4 – The Best Gets Better
Our devoted user Mark Geisinger goes on with reviewing The Bat! This time he focuses his attention on The Bat! v4 strengths and weaknesses, speaking of memory usage improvements and other issues. For example, Small Things Count section draws attention to addressee’s name capitalization feature, which is very useful despite being tiny.

21.03.2008 The Bat! is not exposed to another Microsoft Outlook vulnerability
Recently a new Microsoft Outlook vulnerability has been reported in the Internet. It is highly critical for the users of this email program and can be exploited by malicious people to compromise users’ systems.

19.03.2008 The Bat! Voyager – 4th version
Following the release of The Bat! 4.0, RITLabs brings to users’ attention The Bat! Voyager 4.0 – portable variant of the new version of The Bat!

10.03.2008 The Bat! 4.0.18 – released
A month after the release of the 4th version, The Bat! developers announce the update numbered 4.0.18.

03.03.2008 "The Bat!, of Course"
- that’s how Mark Geisinger, our devoted user, answers the question about the best Windows email client. Mark uses The Bat! from the very beginning and can easily track the evolution of our product. We’re happy to present Mark’s review of The Bat! on our website.

13.02.2008 The memory usage is significantly improved in The Bat! v4, Softpedia reports
Softpedia, the famous free download site, published its own review of The Bat! version 4.0.

07.02.2008 The Bat! 4.0 – new level
We bring to users’ notice that the newest version of The Bat! e-mail processing system is to be presented to the general public on February, 7.

22.01.2008 The Bat!’s security is recommended to law firms
Sharon D. Nelson, David K. Isom and John W. Simek, authors of numerous books and articles on internet security and its aspects that are specific for law firms, give a high appreciation to The Bat! mail processing system in their new book entitled Information Security for Lawyers and Law Firms.

20.12.2007 Internet security – one of the biggest disappointments of 2007
"In 2007, the words "Internet security" joined the ever-growing list of self-canceling phrases", – claims the PC World Magazine in its recent article. It is titled "The 15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007" and has the Internet security on the 12th position of the rating.

19.11.2007 The Bat! v3 & v4 license policy
According to the new license policy, all The Bat! users that purchase the program after November 20, 2007 can use this key not only for The Bat! 3.x.x and 4.0 versions, but also for further The Bat! 4.x.x versions without additional payments or key update.

07.11.2007 Update policy for The Bat! v.4
This notice about some modifications in update policy is brought to your attention due to transition to a new line of The Bat! v.4.

19.10.2007 The Bat! 3.99.25 – a regular update
New The Bat! update was made recently. In The Bat! version 3.99.25 two bugs were fixed.

12.10.2007 New phone and fax numbers
We bring to our clients’ attention that we made a modernization of our telephone lines. As a result, connection quality and speed are essentially improved; that’s specially tangible for fax connection.

02.10.2007 The Bat! 4.0 – e-communication at its best
RITLabs brings to users’ notice that the newest version of The Bat! e-communication program is to be presented to the general public at the earliest possible date. Currently the final arrangements are made for the release of The Bat! 4.0 version. The newest release is cardinally better than any previous version of the program. The modifications concern various aspects of the program functionality making this version as convenient as possible for every user. Before launching this new version it is suitable to dwell upon each of the major innovations.

06.09.2007 The Bat! 3.99.24 – final preparations for 4.0
The work on The Bat! 4.0 is in full swing, every single day bringing its birth closer. However, before proceeding to a new digit we bring forward a new version of the third generation – The Bat! 3.99.24.

31.07.2007 RITLabs was declared a Microsoft Certified Partner
Recently we received a notification about the fact that our company is now officially certified as a Microsoft Partner. A certifying document to confirm this recognition was sent to our office. Signed by two Microsoft Corporation officers – Steven Ballmer, Chief Executive Officer, and Allison Watson, Corporate Vice President Worldwide Partner Group, this certificate officially makes our company a Microsoft Certified Partner.

18.06.2007 RITLabs warns The Bat! users against Spyware Terminator
RITLabs strongly recommends not to use Spyware Terminator now as there are many reports from The Bat! users on problems caused by this piece of software.

08.06.2007 The Bat! email client in Amnesty International Slovakia office
RITLabs is proud to communicate that The Bat! email client is now involved in Amnesty International activity. Recently Slovakia office of this organization solicited our program and now they benefit of its assistance in their daily work.

07.06.2007 BatPost v2.21 release 1 now has 'Certified for Vista' logo
Good news for all BatPost users – recently this program took several tests carried out by Wipro company basing on the methods proposed by Microsoft Corporation. These tests proved the high level of BatPost compatibility with Windows Vista operation system. Basing on these results Microsoft Corporation rendered BatPost the "Certified for Vista" logo in confirmation of our product’s marvelous performance.

22.04.2007 The Bat! 3.99 – new horizons
RITLabs launched a new version of The Bat! – one of the most popular mail clients. In the new version, The Bat! 3.99, you will find all the functionalities of the program brought to even higher quality level and some useful innovations.

21.04.2007 Animated cursor flaw discovered for Windows - no worry for The Bat! users
If there's a hole to be found in Windows, the bad guys will find it, and the latest one is definitely unique. A vulnerability in all versions of Windows, including Vista, has been found in how the operating systems handle animated cursors, according to a Microsoft security advisory.

28.03.2007 Bug on Windows Vista's email app
A just-disclosed bug in Windows Vista's built-in e-mail program can be used by hackers to run malicious code on a victimized PC.

07.03.2007 RITLabs presents a new version of The Bat!
It was not long ago that The Bat! 3.98.1 was announced. In this short period of time we’ve prepared a new version – The Bat! 3.98.4 which has some serious new functional features and some significant bugs are fixed. The list of changes is enclosed.

06.03.2007 The Bat! is in the list of applications that have earned the "Certified for Windows Vista" logo
Microsoft had published the list of comanies whose applications have earned the "Certified for Windows Vista" logo or the "Works with Windows Vista" logo. RITLabs is proud to announce that The Bat! is included in both lists.

27.02.2007 RITLabs releases The Bat! v3.98
Now that the winter is almost over and and the spring is knocking on the door we would like to bring to light the new version of The Bat! replacing the Christmas Edition.

30.12.2006 US Defence Department against Microsoft Outlook
The US Defence Department has banned the use of Outlook Web Access email and is blocking all HTML email.

20.12.2006 RITLabs releases The Bat! v3.95.01 Christmas Edition
It became a tradition at RITLabs to release a Christmas version of The Bat! at the end of each year just before the Christmas itself. It became a tradition at RITLabs to release a Christmas version of The Bat! at the end of each year just before the Christmas itself.

14.12.2006 Our users protected of WAB vulnerability
Recently Microsoft Outlook Express users were attacked once again. These new attacks were made through vulnerability caused by a boundary error within the processing of Windows Address Book files (.wab). This vulnerability can be exploited to cause a buffer overflow by tricking a user into opening a specially crafted WAB file.

09.11.2006 The Bat! and Windows Vista
RITLabs plans to release a new version of The Bat! Certified under the “Works with Vista” logo before Microsoft publishes the final release of Windows Vista.

23.10.2006 RITLabs at SYSTEMS-2006 exhibition
All this week (October, 23-27) our company is taking part in SYSTEMS-2006 – exhibition taking place in Munich, Germany. SYSTEMS is the leading business-to-business exhibition for information technology, telecommunication and new media. It is an honor for us to be part of such a big event in ICT world.

09.10.2006 Only Dekart Private Disk users can benefit of Disk Firewall feature
In The Bat! Private Disk v2.09 Disk Firewall feature is not included. Users who wish to purchase Private disk which is equipped with this newest solution in security sphere can do it at Dekart company site

06.10.2006 RITLabs has nothing in common with ‘thebat’ spam messages
Recently RITLabs office began receiving phone calls from users who were attacked with spam messages.

28.09.2006 The Bat! Private Disk new version announcement
RITLabs releases a new version of its proactive data protection product – The Bat! Private Disk.

25.09.2006 RITLabs says that The Bat! users have nothing to be afraid of
News agencies are insistent in speaking about Microsoft Outlook vulnerability detected by Sunbelt Software company and iDefence department of VeriSign company. Danger comes from specially prepared HTML messages.

08.09.2006 RITLabs – participant of SYSTEMS-2006 exhibition
October, 23-27 our company will take part in SYSTEMS-2006 – exhibition taking place in Munich, Germany. SYSTEMS is the leading business-to-business exhibition for information technology, telecommunication and new media. It is an honor for us to be part of such a big event in ICT world.

04.09.2006 RITLabs releases The Bat! v3.85
After the hot summer here comes September with the new The Bat! version.

30.08.2006 CHIP Online Russia recommends The Bat! to its readers
The Bat! is not just an email client. Many email program creators take its functionality as a benchmark; many IT analysts compare newly-appeared email clients with The Bat!.

29.08.2006 Australian Computer Trader recommends The Bat! Voyager
On August, 8, 2006 Australian Computer Trader issued an article about The Bat! Voyager.

15.08.2006 The LUBRINCO Group recommends The Bat! Voyager in ?GIS Journal
The LUBRINCO Group (http://www.lubrinco.com/) provides assistance in three areas of high risk too specialized to be dealt with inhouse. They identify and quantify threats and vulnerabilities, and their associated risk, then help manage the vulnerabilities so one can transfer or live with the residual risk. They help prevent disasterous financial loss and physical harm.

11.08.2006 The Bat! Voyager v3.80.04 received the "100% CLEAN" AWARD from SOFTPEDIA
The latest version of The Bat! Voyager has received the "100% CLEAN" AWARD from SOFTPEDIA, here is what they say...

11.08.2006 National secrets are protected by The Bat!
Moldovan Army uses RITLabs products May 9-27, Combined Endeavor / Phoenix Endeavor – 2006 international military exercises were carried out for specialists in data transmission and automated process-control system.

08.08.2006 Business Travelers Protect Email and Critical Files on the Road with The Bat! Voyager PRO
The Bat!-tle for a safe portable email begins. Smart road warriors have a new weapon to protect sensitive client data and guard against malicious virus attacks while retrieving email on the road. The Bat! Voyager PRO from RITLabs (www.ritlabs.com) combines the award-winning The Bat! portable email client with powerful encryption software and a unique Disk Firewall feature, all pre-loaded onto a convenient 256MB flash drive.

10.07.2006 Ritlabs has released The Bat! Voyager PRO
Ritlabs has released The Bat! Voyager PRO, a secure version of its popular Windows email client software that protects your email, and all of your critical files, when you're on the road. The email software is pre-loaded onto a 256Mb secure flash drive. The unique Disk Firewall Feature from Dekart adds extra protection, ensuring that your data can't be accessed by either human intruders or virus attacks.

07.07.2006 The Book "PC Magazine Windows XP Solutions", 2nd edition, recommends The Bat!
The Book "PC Magazine Windows XP Solutions", 2nd edition, by Neil Randall, recommends The Bat! on page 163, for its highly sophisticated filtering and sorting systems.

24.05.2006 RITLabs releases BatPost v2.20 mail server
The new version of the BatPost mail server is out. We have been working on the server over a year managing to implement many useful features and fixing minor bugs. Below we will take a closer look at the main new features.

28.04.2006 RITLabs releases The Bat! v3.80
To cut a long story short - here is a new version of The Bat!, fresh and young, but experienced and still promising.

13.04.2006 The Bat! is immune to the address book vulnerability reported recently
The e-mail application is flawed in the way it handles Windows Address Book files.

17.03.2006 The Bat! is Recommended Against Viruses
The authors of computer books recommend The Bat! as a protection against viruses that spread via e-mail.

18.02.2006 RITLabs releases The Bat! v3.71
In the pursuit of a perfect piece of software we bring you yet another version of The Bat!

09.02.2006 The Bat! v3.65.03 and later versions are not affected by the WMF vulnerability
On February 8, 2006 Microsoft announced a new vulnerability in WMF. The Bat! v3.65.03 and all the later versions do not display WMF, however the earlier versions did make use of the Microsoft's code that has been the target of the attacks.

18.01.2006 New language versions of the anti-spam plugin for The Bat!
At present besides the English version of the plugin, and the subsequently developed (at the request and with the help of the users) German, Polish and Czech versions.

16.01.2006 RITLabs releases The Bat! v3.65.03
New year - new version. This time round we concentrated on fixing as many bugs as possible, thus improving the programme's overall stability and functionality.

10.01.2006 The Bat! is not affected by the TNEF Vulnerability
The Bat! is not affected by the TNEF Decoding Remote Code Execution Vulnerability, discovered by John Heasman and Marc Litchfield of NGS Software.

22.12.2005 Mobile Email Client is Available
Ritlabs releases The Bat! Voyager – the Mobile Email Client . Ritlabs releases The Bat! Voyager – the Mobile Email Client . Now it has become possible to have the complete message base and important documents at one's fingertips. The programme is now specially adopted to be working in the USB-flash disk. The Bat! Voyager is based on the technology of the widely known The Bat! Email Client.

21.12.2005 RITLabs releases The Bat! v3.64 Christmas Edition
Beside the Christmas discounts we bring our customers a new version of the programme - The Bat! v3.64 Christmas Edition.

18.11.2005 RITLabs releases The Bat! Private Disk v2.06
New The Bat! Private Disk supports Windows 2003 Server and allows working with the program when logged as "Guest" at the computer.

09.11.2005 New version (3.62.14) is now available.
RITLabs releases The Bat! v3.62.14. Improved memory usage, new ability to create message list tabs and various bug fixes.

01.11.2005 RITLabs releases The Bat! v3.62 Final
In this version of The Bat! we made another few steps aimed at improving the programme's functionality and overall stability.

05.10.2005 The trainable plugin AGAVA Spamprotexx for The Bat!
At present besides the English version there also exist the plugin versions in German, Polish, and Czech.

12.09.2005 The new price for the antispam plug-in for The Bat! from the AGAVA Company is now only $12
The Antispam plugin for The Bat! is now sold at the price of $12. There is also quantity discounting.

03.09.2005 The Bat! is immune to the vulnerability reported by eEye on September 1st, 2005
This threat could allow for remote code execution under Windows XP SP0 - SP1 and Windows 2000.

02.09.2005 Ritlabs releases The Bat! 3.60
The Bat! 3.60 works faster and consumes less memory when dealing with very large message flows. Message Finder in this version can now automatically search inside encrypted messages. You can zoom images in the HTML viewer. Regular Expressions in Sorting Office/Filters now support Unicode and can work with any alphabet. You can also configure SmartPad settings.

11.08.2005 Trainable antispam-plugin for "The Bat!" on the basis of the AGAVA AntispamServant spam filter.
Trainable antispam-plugin for "The Bat!" on the basis of the AGAVA AntispamServant spam filter. Developed with the assistance of the Ritlabs company and is sold at a special price of $20 for "The Bat!" users! High quality of spam filtering guaranteed!

25.07.2005 What's new in The Bat! 3.51
The new version of The Bat!, 3.51, is an improvement of 3.5 in the field of speed, stability and the support of corporate protocols: IMAP and Exchange server via MAPI. We've also improved import procedures of messages and address entries from MS Outlook and Outlook Express. In the new version, you can reply to HTML messages preserving the text formatting of the original letter. When replying to a multipart message, with previous version of The Bat! you could only reply to the main section of a letter. Now you can reply to any particular part of the message.

15.07.2005 The Bat! is immune to the vulnerability within the Microsoft Colour Management Module
The Bat! is immune to the vulnerability within the Microsoft Colour Management Module (CMM), a component included within most Windows systems. CMM processes image files for a wide variety of formats including JPEG, EXIF, TIFF, PNG, PDF, PICT, PostScript, JDF (Job Definition Format), SVG, and CSS3.

01.06.2005 The Bat! 3.5.25 Final released
The user interface is now fully customizable. You can create your own custom tool bars, add/remove items in the menus...

16.05.2005 SoftSymphony Ltd. Announces the Release of Bat2PPC.
SoftSymphony Ltd. Announces the Release of Bat2PPC.

13.05.2005 What's new in The Bat! 3.5
The Bat! 3.5 has the following major improvements: fully customizable user interface, On-The-Fly-Encryption and Biometric authentication, as well as many other new features and bugfixes.

02.04.2005 The Bat! is immune to the vulnerability reported by security company eEye Digital
The Bat! is immune to the vulnerability reported by security company eEye Digital Security Inc., that could let an attacker compromise a user's machine after the user clicks on a Web link.

16.03.2005 The BatPost server is not vulnerable to the folder handling denial of service.
When trying to move or to remove a folder that contains many subfolders in Outlook, the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service stops responding, and event 9673 is recorded.

18.02.2005 TheBat! Voyager - Mobile Email Client
RITLabs SRL is about to release a new product – The Bat! Voyager.

17.02.2005 The new variant of MyDoom worm does not affect The Bat!
The new variant of MyDoom worm, W32.Mydoom.AX@mm, that uses its own SMTP engine to send an email to addresses in active mail client windows on infected computers, does not affect The Bat!

09.12.2004 The Bat! is Immune to the Injection flaw
The Bat! is not affected by the vulnerability reported by Danish security firm Secunia, called window injection vulnerability.

04.11.2004 No boundary error in The Bat!
The Bat! has no boundary error in the handling of certain attributes in the IFRAME HTML tag.

13.10.2004 What's new in The Bat! 3.01
The Sorting Office interface has been improved. The user can now search though the filters. The Sorting Office window has been given a new toolbar. The About box has been given a facelift. The IMAP protocol has been improved. The Bat! now consumes less memory and works much faster when viewing or editing large HTML messages. Many bugs have been fixed.

17.09.2004 The New Forums for The Bat! v3 users
You are welcome to the new three forums at our website where you can discuss in a friendly manner the issues about The Bat! Configuration, The New Filtering System, and The Templates and Macros.

15.09.2004 Security flaws in JPEG format do not affect The Bat!
Security flaws in JPEG format do not affect The Bat!, because The Bat! does not use GDI+ which is the target of the attack.

01.09.2004 What's new in The Bat! 3.0
In The Bat! 3.0, amongst all the improvements the most visually outstanding is the new look user interface and that Sorting Office that has a new flow chart style front end, which really simplifies the management of message filtering.

10.08.2004 The Bat! is Invulnerable to the Denial of Service Attack
The Bat! is invulnerable to the denial of service attack which is possible due to a lack of adequate verification for malformed e-mail headers.

11.07.2004 TheBat! 2.12 released
This new version provides significantly improved IMAP and Exchange functionality, extended anti-virus API to support Unicode, better folder compression algorithm that also defragments message base and index files on NTFS volumes, and many other improvements and fixes.

01.06.2004 The Bat!. Version 2.11 released
The Bat! version 2.11 brings the new exciting "Mail Chat" function!

27.05.2004 Mail Chat !
Ritlabs is glad to announce a new version of The Bat! program with an unique feature of Mail Chat that will be published on June 1, 2004.

06.11.2003 The Bat! earns Web Host Magazine Editors' Choice Award
The Bat! earns Web Host Magazine & Buyer's Guide: Editors' Choice Award.

03.11.2003 The Bat! v2.01 released
The Bat! v2.01 is now available. It introduces more Anti-spam options, better support of GnuPG and TLS.

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